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  • Josh

    July 1, 2013 Reply

    You mean we have to wait a whole month to see what you've got! Talk about suspense. Seems like you have some good advice to give. Bummer about your amp. Stolen or not, you don't have it anymore. Obviously not cool if someone did take that from you, though.

  • Nipple

    June 30, 2013 Reply

    Pics of my current gear will have to wait another month until I get home to FL from Indy but I thought I'd mention my favorite amp I used to have that I'm still not sure what happened to it. (Stolen I suspect.)

    When I was a kid I bought a Fender Super Twin Reverb (not Super Reverb, not Super Twin, Super Twin Reverb) from Sims music in North Miami which is just down the street from the famous Hit Factory recording studios and is known for having really unique modded gear. It had an insane amount of power tubes and weighed about as much as a VW bug. It was completely rewired by god knows who but the first thing most people notice were the huge, square magnets on the speakers. They were so big the speakers had to be mounted with a whole new screw pattern to shoe horn them in there. No one I'd ever met had ever seen anything like it and the sound was absolutely amazing. The best, warmest clean tones you've ever heard. I used a ProCo RAT for distortion. Would give a pinky toe to get it back.

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