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So there's a bit of history attached to these two acoustics that I've included in my account here... My father served in the Army during the Vietnam war. Part of his service, he was stationed in Germany. He always had an ear for music and was gifted to play several instruments, but I believe Germany was where he first learned to play guitar after he purchased the Framus from a local music store there. I have pics somewhere of him in his Army greens playing this guitar in the barracks. I inherited this guitar after his untimely death when I was a young kid. It is one of my most cherished possessions. Several years ago, I found myself as a soldier fighting in Iraq. While I was living in Baghdad, I relayed the story of my prized guitar to an Iraqi friend of mine named Hassan who lived with my small team along the Tigris river. He was apparently touched by the story because he went out and bought me the Yamaha acoustic guitar seen here. I tried to pay him for it, but he refused. He told me that I had done enough for him already. He said, "Now you have your own guitar from your own war... just like your father". Hassan was killed a couple of years later, but I can remember him when I see that guitar... just like my father.

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