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Indiana Blues Challenge at the Slippery Noodle

Posted on October 22, 2013   

The Delta Duo and Gary Applegate played at the Slippery Noodle on October 13 during the Indiana Blues Challenge. The Delta Duo is composed of bluesman guitarist JJ Stenzoski and Irina Povarova. Gary is a solo blues artist that pours music from his soul. Both artists have a wise variety of gear that you can see more of in the rest of the images.

Photos by Aaron Pierce - Official Browse photographer.


  • Gary Applegate pouring the blues out of his soul.
  • The Delta Duo is local to Indianapolis, but brings a flare of the international to the blues scene.
  • Povarova was trained at the Kazan Musical Conservatory in Tatarstan and has performed throughout Europe.
  • Check out the notes section to see a list of Delta Duo's gear.
  • Applegate is a truly talented blues musician that we could see more out of in the future.
  • Most of Delta Duo's music is focused on pre-WWII Delta blues.
  • JJ Stenzoski plucking away on his 20th Anniversary National Reso-Phonic M-2 . He has played in Russia and has even been spotted finger picking on the streets of Moscow.
  • A slew of the band's gear with a beautiful drum kit in the background.
  • JJ Stenzoski's passion affects even photos.
  • Nice shot of Gary Applegate with his guitar.
  • JJ Stenzoski walking offstage.
  • JJ Stenzoski of The Delta Duo getting into the music.