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Hartke B200

Posted on August 3, 2013   

Hartke B200 Bass Combo Amplifier (20 Watts, 1x8 in.)

Designed by the same Hartke Bass pros that put bass in your face on stage and in the studio, B Series Combos feature the tone and performance that bass players expect from Hartke Systems. All B Series Combos feature reinforced cabinets with steel grills, line level and headphone outputs.

Small but serious, the B200 features an 8-inch driver that sounds full and punchy despite its compact size. It is driven by a 20 watt amp and includes three bands of high-quality equalization, allowing you to create a broad range of tonal colors for your bass. The B200's bipolar circuit design ensures that every nuance of your performance is reproduced faithfully, and a separate headphone output allows you to monitor yourself while practicing in silence. With superior sound quality and a variety of practical features, the B200 is a consummate practice amp for beginners or even veterans looking to warm up before hitting the stage for a performance.