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Batman Guitar - Modified "toy/prize" guitar

Posted on January 12, 2014   

So, I saw this Batman guitar on craigslist. It was 120 bucks including a Fender Mini Twin 9 volt amp. It's a good deal considering I never saw a guitar like this, and if you do a Google search, not many of these survived the wild. They were given as prizes at Magic Mountain.

It came with a pickup and volume knob, but the neck sucked ass. It was barely a 3/4 scale neck, the nut was too high so it was out of intonation all over.

I had a Jackson guitar that I wasn't using, and it happened to have the perfect neck to compliment the Batman symbol. I made measurements and made sure I bolted on the neck at the proper distance so intonation would be spot on. After installing it and making sure the neck was tight, I then messed with the saddles, and man, the action is low! The pickup at this point is probably it's weakest link, but that will be taken care of by summer, as I want to gig with this. I am thinking a telecaster type/single coil pickup.

Thanks for looking!