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Indy Indie Artist Colony Show

Posted on July 7, 2014   

On June 14, 2014 some of us visited the Indy Indie Artist Colony to support local musicians putting on a concert to promote the inaugural Social Photography gallery in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. The bands who played are the following: Butterhorn, Steven and the Savvy, Chad Serhal, Shipwreck Karpathos, and AIRHOCKEY. Check out some of the captivating pictures that our photographer, Aaron Pierce, was able to capture of the event!


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  • Band Name: Steven and the Savvy
    Genre: Rock/folk-rock

    Gear used:
    - Two Fender limited edition mahogany neck through telecasters, one with custom Dimarzio Pickups, one with custom Seymour Duncan pickups and a spalted maple top
    - 2004 Epiphone casino
    - 1965 Danelectro DM-25
    - 1974 Bassman ten with modified baffle for 15" bag end speaker
    - Marshall mg100fx half stack
    - Gallien-Krueger MB500
    - Gallien-Krueger Neo 4x10
    - Carvin IC4
    - Custom 5 string bass by Amos Burch
    - Gretsch Catalina club kit
    - Vintage UFIP 20" Ride
    - Vintage Zildjian A 14" crash
    - Zildjian 14" Quick Beat hi hats
    - Nord Electro
    - Ensoniq esq-1

    Pedal Board 1:
    - Malleko Chicklet
    - Left foot pedals boost
    - Left foot pedals driver
    - Super Duper
    - Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
    - Tc electronic flashback x4
    - Tc electronic arena reverb
    - Polytune

    Pedal board 2:
    - Ibanez Tube Screamer
    - Vox Delay Lab
    - Black Russian Big Muff

  • Artist Name: Chad Serhal

    I've been performing for about 15 years. Have been in the bands: In The Face Of War, Calibretto, and Everything, Now! as well as starting my own bands: She Does Is Magic and Serhal within the last 4 years. I've recorded 40 solo albums since '97. I play a 1980 Alvarez acoustic electric with a passive pickup.

    In SERHAL I play a turquoise '66 Holiday electric through a Boss Chorus and a Vox AC30 amp.

    In She Does Is Magic I play a black on black Fender Telecaster Deluxe through a Hardwire Delay pedal on slap back through the Vox AC30 amp's clean channel.


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