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Joe's Ashdown Rig

Posted on July 19, 2013   

Here's my current Ashdown bass rig. I've been using this for a couple of years now and am still really happy with it. Here's a quick run down of it all.

Head: The head is the Klystron 500 which puts out 575w @ 4ohms. I can't find the specs but at 8ohms I estimate it around 300w. It has all the usual features such input gain/VU meter, Valve Drive control, shape switch etc as well as a built in compressor, octave (Sub Harmonics) control and the typical Ashdown semi-parametric EQ. I love the sound of this head and need to make very little changes to the EQ overall. It has plenty of power and a very quiet DI out. There is quite a bit of fan noise but I'd rather know that the amp is being kept cool as it gets driven hard a lot of the time.

Cabs: I run the Classic Neo 210 Compact and the Classic Neo 115 Compact with the Klystron head. As the names suggest, the speaker configurations are 2x10 and 1x15. The cabs are 300w and 8ohms each so match the head perfectly. They use Neodymium drivers and each cab has a HF Horn which is switchable. The drivers themselves have got compression holes cut in them to allow greater cone flexibility at high volumes which in turn means they don't fart or struggle with the power. It works like a dream - I've yet to see the limit of these cabs, they just get louder and louder and the bass response is incredible.

This rig gives me the perfect sound - plenty of clarity and mid with full, rich bottom end and a very flexible EQ. Having separate cabs rather than one large one has been great too. For smaller gigs I just use the 2x10. It works great and is very easy to carry and transport. The covers I use are made by a comany called HotCovers. They were made to measure and cost very little. They have provided great protection and are far easier than flight cases although if my gear was going to be transported as part of a large tour etc then I would probably invest in flight cases.


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