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PRS SE Angelus Standard

Posted on September 9, 2013   

I needed a new acoustic, but I didn't want to break the bank. It was important to me to have an acoustic with all solid wood, no laminates. I don't know how PRS made this guitar with all solid woods for under $700, but they did and I bought it. I could not be more pleased. The spruce top and mahogany back and sides paired with a traditional rosewood fretboard give this guitar the traditional tonal qualities you want in a dreadnaught sized acoustic. I researched quite a bit and I played several Taylors, Martins, Guilds, and Fenders at the same price point. Most of them contained laminate or other lesser quality wood, and none of them sounded as sweet to my ears as the PRS. Sure, it's an SE made in Korea. But if you close your eyes and listen, you'd never know it. Best of all, it sounds good enough to jam and hang with much more expensive guitars, but it's not so expensive that I feel like I have to baby it or worry about it.


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  • SE may mean "Student Edition" but there is nothing second class about this guitar. It features all solid woods and the craftsmanship and care and detail that went into this guitar far exceeded my expectations for the price. PRS has really stepped up their game when it comes to their SE line. I believe they realize they cannot compete with FMIC and Gibson when you only sell guitars that cost several thousands of dollars. The early SE models were very disappointing, but this guitar has me re-considering that opinion. I'm also interested in the new PRS S2 line, which are American made, but lower cost. Do not let the SE label deter you from a great guitar.


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  • Kyle

    October 5, 2013 Reply

    mtrejo - That's pretty much spot on. I used to own a Taylor 414ce. It lived in the case when it wasn't being played and I constantly worried about it whenever I took it anywhere. This guitar is like 85%-90% as good as the Taylor that cost twice as much - and that is more than good enough for situations where I want an acoustic.

  • Dave

    October 5, 2013 Reply

    Add that bad boy to your profile with some pics and audio! :)

  • mtrejo

    October 4, 2013 Reply

    Looks impressive! It seems more and more, many mid priced guitars are starting to really hit the mark. I have a Parkwood jumbo with flamed maple body that is surprisingly sweet and full sounding, not to mention the playability is just great. Always good to hear about affordable gear that's not a waste of out hard earned money.