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Dingwall ABZ5

Posted on October 13, 2013   

Model Name: Dingwall ABZ 5 Strings
The ABZ features a satin finished swamp ash body with a maple neck and fingerboard. Its passive electronics nail the traditional ash/maple tone and then some. It’s also the lightest in weight of the entire Dingwall line.
Dingwall made in Canada FD3-A pickups
Dingwall passive controls; volume, pickup selector (Bridge, both parallel, both series, Neck)
Dingwall USA strings
Two piece swamp ash body
Blackburst satin finish
Maple Fingerboard - satin finish, 34 - 37"
Banjo frets
Novax® Fanned -Fret System™
Maple neck
Hipshot ultralight tuners (black)
Custom Dingwall Bridge (Black finish)
Weight - 7.12lb/3.50kg
Manufactured in Canada
Active Electronics
Right Handed
FD-3 4L Pickups on ABZ
The FD-3 line of pickups are the direct decendents of the (F)ury (D)ingwall-1 pickups originally co-developed by Glenn MacDougall of Fury Guitar and Sheldon Dingwall. Glenn has a 40+ year career designing and building guitar and bass pickups. We take pride in our close association with both Bartolini in the past and Fury as they are among the greatest pickup designers and makers on the planet.

The FD-3 pickups feature powerful neodymium magnets, humcancelling matched-pair coils, hardened steel pole pieces and are fully shielded for ultra quiet performance.

Their tone can best be described as a blend between a J and a P but with more highs, more lows and more dynamic response. The most current versions feature 4-lead wiring which enables the internal coils to be wired in either series for strong mids and high output or parallel for scooped mids and normal output.


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