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Suhr Modern

Posted on October 18, 2013   

What is the Year / Make / Model?
It's a 2013 Suhr Modern. The serial number is 17856.
Where did you buy it, and what can others expect to pay for the same item?
It's a custom order from Rocket Music. Dan is an awesome person to work with! I got it for about $3000. Not bad at all considering I've been working my ass off for this since July.
What is the construction like (type of wood, wiring, case, tubes, etc..)?
It has a Basswood Body with a Quilt Maple Top and a Maple Neck(Not one piece). The Pickups are the Aldrich Neck and Bridge with the ML in the middle. It has the standard Gotoh Bridge with bent saddles and has John's awesometastic wiring.
It has the GG profile (.800 - .850 ) with the compound radius. The neck is as fast as a valley girl on speed. It's insane.
The Finish it self is a Trans Whale Blue that fades into a Faded Whale Blue onto Natural gloss.
On the side note, I thought about getting Zebra pickups but fuck Zebras. I like Giraffes.
What made you want to buy it?
I originally bought an ESP Horizon off Ebay and it never arrived. (Remember to look at feedback before buying kids).
Being discouraged I looked else where and saw a review of a Suhr Modern. After I got my money back from the ESP that never was, I decided to save up for it since I was already half way there.
I could have saved quite a bit of money by going for the PRO series modern since they essentially have the same specs as mine but I really wanted something unique and was willing to pay for it. (and work for it mind you)
So eventually I started to pay it off and it was worth every blood drop and tear.
What do you love about it now that you have it?
It literally takes every sound I wanted in my head and projects so clearly. For high output pickups, they suhrtainly (haha) act like low/mid output pickups. for reference, The neck sounds like a supercharged Seymour Duncan '59 and the bridge a SD JB. The ML is in a class in its own.
If anything, What might be upgraded/fixed/altered?
I might change the saddles from Bent to Solid but it just sounds so good right now.
If anything, I wished I had gotten a straight 14" or 16" radius since it's the one my Schecter has. Don't get me wrong, it plays fast and sleek I don't really benefit from the small end. It's not a problem whatsoever since this guitar is just that sexy.
How versatile is it (ability to be used in various genres/styles)? I got the HSH setup just to have it be different from my HH Mahoghany Schecter. It's insane how many tones I can get from this. Imagine this, Take the PRS 513 options, now make them sound good and essentially this guitar has it all!
Joking aside, I play alot of Jazz, Metal, Rock, Funk, Prog Rock, BROOTAL SHREDZ , Country.
It's pretty versatile I say although my mahoghany schecter has the CHUNKS. The Suhr can get chunky but not as chunky like campbells soup.
What else can you tell us about it? I tried giving this guitar as much hate as I can when I got it but it just wins me over every time. Everay tiem!
This guitar is fucking awesome. Don't limit yourself o a single type of wood because you hear things about wood (aka Basswood). There is amazing basswood as there is shitty basswood. The same thing can be said about Alder, Ash (It's always good though) , Mahoghany, etc


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  • charlieaxeman

    January 25, 2017 Reply

    I love the fade from blue one!

  • Trainwreck1446

    December 30, 2013 Reply

    That Suhr is gorgeous!

  • Kyle

    October 18, 2013 Reply

    I've lusted after a Suhr for years. I've always considered them unobtanium but you have inspired me to save up for one. I've never seen that finish before on any guitar ever. Excellent choice. You have yourself an exquisite and bespoke instrument worthy of the ages. Kudos to you Sir.