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Brisbane, QLD

I'm an Australian musician, calling myself a bass player, based in Brisbane. I've been the bass player for the band Alpine Fault for the last 4 years, during which time we've recorded a full length album, and played many shows along the east coast and even in NZ.
My musical journey started when I was 5 and started playing piano. I played till I was 12, winning some eisteddfods and doing some grades, when I decided I didn't want to practice any more and gave up. A decision I now regret.
A few years later I picked up my dad's guitar and started learning that. Then one day I saw a teacher at school playing bass in the school band. I thought that he looked so cool and sounded awesome and decided that was what I wanted to do. I asked my parents to buy me a bass and have been playing ever since.
My skill level may not reflect the years I've been playing, simply because I've never fully dedicated myself to a continuous practice regime. I'll practice on and off, but things like life get in the way and distract me. My period of most significant growth has come due to joining Alpine Fault. Playing and writing with those guys has helped me grow exponentially as a musician, and also helped me find my utter joy for live performance. If you ever see me on stage, I'm the guy bouncing around with a stupid grin on his face the whole show.
My YouTube channel is basically a bunch of covers. That is one of the ways I practice; I choose a song, learn it, get it as good as I can, then record it and put it up. Learning my favourite songs and having the goal of putting them online helps me improve greatly.
The next step in my musical journey is to start lessons again. I want to learn more about the craft I so enjoy so that I can more easily write the music that I want to play. I use the analogy 'You've got to know how to make a brick before you can build a house.'

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